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Banda inglesa de rock-eletronico- metal-drum´bass etc e tal que existe desde de 1989.Conheci através de um clip da música "triad".O som é bem produzido mas demora -se um pouco para se acostumar com o vocal que foi sendo alterado com o passar do tempo.Confira o site e alguns momentos dessa banda ao vivo bem aqui no chaos37 caray!!!!!http://www.pitchshifter.com/


"Originally known as Pitch Shifter, the band was started by Johnny A. Carter (lead guitar/programming) and Mark Clayden (bass/vocals), with Stuart Toolin (rhythm guitar) and JS Clayden (backing vocals) in 1989. JS Clayden soon stepped up to the position of lead vocalist and co-programmer with the Submit EP in 1992.

Over the course of their career, Pitchshifter have played live in twenty five countries, with the likes of Metallica, Black Sabbath, Iggy Pop, Fear Factory, The Offspring, Bad Religion, Deftones, Quicksand, Junkie XL, Fugazi, Incubus, Ministry, Staind, Pantera and many more. The band has also graced the stages of many festivals worldwide such as Ozzfest, Warped Tour, Reading Festival, Livid, Big Day Out, Dynamo Open Air and the Phoenix Festival.[1]

Pitchshifter disbanded amicably after playing a “farewell for now” club tour of the UK in 2003 but have reunited from time to time to make random appearances in the UK at festivals (Bulldog Bash) and at large venues such as the London Astoria and the Nottingham Rock City. The last reunion shows on the "Back from the Dead Tour" in 2006 saw the band handing out free CD copies of the None for All and All for One EP, containing two new songs to all concert attendees, fueling rumors that Pitchshifter continue to secretly write new material in the studio during their self imposed ‘indefinite hiatus" caray!

Pitchshifter - Genius 3:37 genius clip bom clip caray!boa musica,vocal meio chatinho mas dá pra ouvir caray!
Pitchshifter - "Dead Battery" 3:30 dead battery mais ou menos caray!!

Triad - PITCHSHIFTER 3:08 triad vocal diferente,confira caray!!!
Pitchshifter - Un-UK (Live Reading Festival 1999) 4:04 live caray!!!

Pitchshifter - Genius (Live March 2006) 3:46 genius live-introdução du caray!!!!confira caray!!!

Pitchshifter - Virus (Bizarre 23-08-98) 4:13 virus live - saca a performance do vocalista caray

Pitchshifter - We Know  (Live March 2006) 3:01 we know live -more drum ánd bass caray com metal

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