quarta-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2008

slayer -Hallowed Point-

uma das minhas preferidas.......especial para essa época do ano...

Slayer - Hallowed Point (live) clica (presta atenção no riff matador as 2:18)

High velocity bullet at close range
Can damage the mind
Shattering the skull shredding
the brain
Severing the spine

Bury a round of lead in the chest
It's quite
an impression
Imagine the innards of your soul
The infliction


/> Instinctive regression
With intent to kill
No regard of human life
Or the blood

Riddled convulsions
Confetti of flesh
Scattered helplessly

/> Losting your control of physical

Release the slide to cleanse
Prepare to anoint
Snap the tongue in the groove discharge
To make my
hallowed point


The power of a gun
Used with conviction

/> Disperesed on excursions
Randomly kills its victims

my sweet revenge

/> Bitter in depression
The thrilling release
Of a hatred deep persuasion

/> The power of a gun
Used with conviction
Diffused compulsions

Violent emotion
Screaming revolution
Spasmic convulsions

/> Death an empty gun

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